Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cup of the day...

...Well, I'm going to do it!  I'm planning to post a cup a day, for how long?, we'll see.  I just want to share the cups I see, and often use each day. But I plan to not limit it to those in my own collection, and will look for interesting cups along the way, whether eating out, visiting galleries, traveling, or maybe cup images people send me that they like a lot. Either way, the goal is to showcase clay cups, good cups, interesting cups, both functional and sculptural cups.  So here is entry number one (I do like Jennifer's work!), and the challenge will be to to post one every day for as long as possible (let's see if I can make it a week, a month, a year...?).  I love the idea of using my blog to share images, which is why all of my non-'cup of the day' posts will continue to have at least one image. And future cup posts will only be images (unless there's something relevant to say), with the names of the artists when I know them...Enjoy!

Jennifer Allen

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