Tuesday, February 5, 2013

studio time...

Keeping work going the studio is the key.  Doing something, anything, to keep the work moving along.  Touching clay every day is important, and not worrying too much about making anything important, just keeping your hands and head in the work.  Hopefully pieces will eventually speak for themselves.

Ever made anything that you really did not understand, and then with time, it became apparent?  What does that mean?  Are we really ahead of ourselves?  And if so, what if you make something that you think is really good, only to discover later that it is crap.  That happens, unfortunately!  But I think making crap is part of it all, and can be informative, in a way.  But still...yet I am still intrigued with the intimacy of space, and the quiet reflections back to something that might have a spiritual reference.

Here are a few pieces that just arrived. but not yet finished.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

speak up...

Well, I'm here...finally.  Been wanting to do a blog for some time now, and seems as good a time as ever to jump in.  While I am not real sure the direction I want to take it, I do know that keeping a diary, or a blog in this case, is like talking to yourself, (with others peeking in over your shoulder), so my thoughts on my work in clay, travel and art are items I will want to re-visit regularly.  And the idea of taking 'working' photos of pieces I have ongoing in the studio is exciting. Seems the pieces I sometimes make never quite make it to the end as finished work, yet the ideas they contain, and ideas I see in them along the way, are still too important to ignore simply because they never make it out of the kiln.  So, I hope to capture some of this 'in-process' work, and maybe others who drop by will share some insights about them as well.

So for now, here I am, and my commitment to this blog is to not ignore it, but keep it current, as best I can, even when my thoughts are hard to define.  I'll post a couple images to start off, and let's see where it goes.  BTW, the first one is influenced by some pre-columbian work I saw a while ago, and I love the integration of disparate parts, and the second, well, some thoughts on religion and faith seem to circle around this piece, and others I am doing now, even though I feel very unsure about what they are and what I want to say.

See you later...