Sunday, February 3, 2013

speak up...

Well, I'm here...finally.  Been wanting to do a blog for some time now, and seems as good a time as ever to jump in.  While I am not real sure the direction I want to take it, I do know that keeping a diary, or a blog in this case, is like talking to yourself, (with others peeking in over your shoulder), so my thoughts on my work in clay, travel and art are items I will want to re-visit regularly.  And the idea of taking 'working' photos of pieces I have ongoing in the studio is exciting. Seems the pieces I sometimes make never quite make it to the end as finished work, yet the ideas they contain, and ideas I see in them along the way, are still too important to ignore simply because they never make it out of the kiln.  So, I hope to capture some of this 'in-process' work, and maybe others who drop by will share some insights about them as well.

So for now, here I am, and my commitment to this blog is to not ignore it, but keep it current, as best I can, even when my thoughts are hard to define.  I'll post a couple images to start off, and let's see where it goes.  BTW, the first one is influenced by some pre-columbian work I saw a while ago, and I love the integration of disparate parts, and the second, well, some thoughts on religion and faith seem to circle around this piece, and others I am doing now, even though I feel very unsure about what they are and what I want to say.

See you later...

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