Tuesday, February 5, 2013

studio time...

Keeping work going the studio is the key.  Doing something, anything, to keep the work moving along.  Touching clay every day is important, and not worrying too much about making anything important, just keeping your hands and head in the work.  Hopefully pieces will eventually speak for themselves.

Ever made anything that you really did not understand, and then with time, it became apparent?  What does that mean?  Are we really ahead of ourselves?  And if so, what if you make something that you think is really good, only to discover later that it is crap.  That happens, unfortunately!  But I think making crap is part of it all, and can be informative, in a way.  But still...yet I am still intrigued with the intimacy of space, and the quiet reflections back to something that might have a spiritual reference.

Here are a few pieces that just arrived. but not yet finished.

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  1. Hi Joe! I like your blog, and I like your new pieces. I think I understand what you are saying about getting ahead of yourself, sometimes it takes a while get your thoughts to line up in a way that you can express with words. It's good to go with the flow. I'm looking forward to your posts.